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Interport Pilots' modern existence began in 1959 when Captain James G. Stillwaggon, along with Captains Fred Patykewich, Sam Sorensen, and Ed Davies, purchased a "coast pilot" business from long-time federal pilot, Capt. Joe Stevens. Capt. Dave Kennedy joined the group a few years later and the core of this new federal pilot group was formed. Interport Pilot's Associates' first office was established in Manhattan at 61 Whitehall Street.

The early pilot work that was done by Interport consisted of "port to port" work that did not require the use of a pilot boat and did not include boarding vessels arriving from sea. A pilot might typically take a vessel out of New York harbor and then ride the vessel to the entrance of the Cape Cod Canal where he would re-commence piloting the vessel through the canal and on into Boston harbor, hence the name "Interport". It was several years after the initial purchase of the business that Interport began boarding ships at sea using the pilot boat "Carp", an 83' long ex-Coast Guard vessel operated by a local New Jersey fisherman. Prior to this new development the only pilots boarding vessels bound to/from sea were the local state pilots.

The local geography of New York Harbor dictated that New Jersey would be the best location to operate a land-based pilot launch service so it wasn't long before Interport moved its office from lower Manhattan to New Jersey where we've made our home for over forty years.

In 1983 Interport Pilots Associates was reorganized as Interport Pilots Agency, Inc. In 1990 Interport's present officers were elected marking a changing of the guard with the same dedication to safety, economy, and excellence remaining as the focus of Interport's service to our customers.

Today Interport Pilots is the only multi-port federal pilot group in the nation. Our area of operations extends over six states and St. Croix, USVI, and includes nearly 300 miles of license coverage. Interport operates four pilot vessels, the newest of which is the 50' twin screw all aluminum "P/V Interport Pilot" delivered in October 2003. This full service pilot group boards U.S. vessels in the domestic trades at sea bound for ports on the Delaware River, New York harbor and Long Island Sound. In doing so we are the only alternative to the state pilot monopolies that operate in these areas and we offer rates that are less than half of the state pilot monopoly rates.  In addition, Interport offers pilot service for the C and D canal to Baltimore, and docking and shifting services in New York harbor.

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