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Louis Bettinelli

Louis Bettinelli - President Graduate U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point, in 1977.
Served as Third Officer and Second Officer aboard U.S. flag tank ships until September 1981.
Started Piloting with Interport on December 27, 1981 to present.
President of Interport Pilots since March 1990.

Licenses held: Master of Steam and Motor Vessels of not more than 1600 gross registered tons (domestic) of not more than 3000 gross tons (ITC tonnage) upon oceans; Second Mate Steam or Motor Vessels of any gross registered tons. Unlimited First Class Federal Pilot for New York Harbor, Newark Bay, Delaware Bay and River to North Philadelphia, and St. Croix, USVI.

Member of Harbor Operations Committee, N.Y.

  • Steering Committee member
  • Underkeel Clearance sub-committee
  • Arthur Kill sub-committee

Member Area Maritime Security Committee

Director, Maritime Association of the Port of New York/New Jersey

Member Philadelphia Mariners Advisory Committee

Member Connecticut Maritime Coalition


Charles Jonas
Vice President

Charles Jonas  - Vice PresidentGraduate N.Y. Maritime College in 1972.
Served on coastal tankers around New York Harbor and Long Island Sound as mate and master until 1977.
Served as Officer and Master of U.S. flag ocean going tank vessels until 1986.
Started piloting full time with Interport in 1986 to present.
Vice-President Interport Pilots, March 1990 to present.

Licenses held: Unlimited Master Oceans; Unlimited First Class Pilot for St. John's River from sea to Jacksonville, Delaware Bay, New York Harbor, East River, Long Island Sound, Block Island Sound, Port Jefferson Harbor, New London Harbor, Bridgeport Harbor, New Haven Harbor. Connecticut state license for Long Island Sound and all Connecticut harbors.

LtCmdr USNR ret.

Member Maritime Association of the Port of NY/NJ.

Member Connecticut Maritime Coalition.

Member Connecticut Maritime Association

Member of The SUNY Maritime Alumni Association


James Daub
Secretary - Treasurer

James Daub - Secretary & TreasurerGraduate N.Y. Maritime College in 1969.
Served as Officer aboard U.S. flag vessels until 1973.
Started piloting in 1973.
Secretary - Treasurer of Interport Pilots since 1983.

Licenses held: Unlimited Second Officer Oceans; First Class Federal Pilot license for Chesapeake Bay, C & D Canal, Delaware Bay and River to North Philadelphia, New York Harbor, Cape Cod Canal, Boston, Salem.


Member Maritime Association of the Port of NY/NJ

Member Connecticut Maritime Coalition.

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